The Newcastle Neptunes is an incorporated organisation dedicated to spearfishing and is truly proud of its historical achievements both competitively and otherwise. Membership is invited to any diver with a interest in responsible spearfishing or social activities.


Keep up to date. The calendar contains all of our meetings, competitions and presentations.

Pat Helsham Competition Results

Our annual Pat Helsham Competition allows members to participate in up to 9 of our competition rounds. The scores from each member's top 7 efforts are tallied. We also award a grade winner each competition round, A - D. And also a "Most Meritorious" award per grade/class each round.


Come and join us!

There are plenty of good reasons to join the Newcastle Neptunes:

  • meet others who enjoy spearfishing
  • share your knowledge and gain skills
  • explore new spots
  • join in on trips away

And much more...

The Newcastle Neptunes is the oldest spearfishing club in Australia. You can read more about us here, or get in touch.

We also run a separate competition "Neptunes Challenge".

And we are eternally greatful to our SPONSORS!