Comp Format

There are usually 9 competitions in the club's annual Pat Helsham Championship during the calendar year.

Annual awards will be based on the competitors' best 7 results.

Some competitions are stand alone events and 11 monetary awards of $20 (subject to change) are made for each of these competitions. The awards are first place A, B, C and D grades and Most Meritorious Fish for A, B, C, D grades and Junior, Subjunior and Female competitors.

The eligible species for these competitions vary and are stipulated in the club calendar of events and score sheet. In some cases competition results are extracted from major competitions as advertised on calendar.

Points towards annual awards will be awarded on a percentage basis at each club competition with scores allocated as a percentage of the highest score.

Annual age champion awards, Runner Up age champions and four grade (A, B, C & D) champions and runners up will be recognised. Grades will be determined at the beginning of the competition year and will remain unaltered for that year.

In addition there is an Open Competition known as The Neptunes Challenge running from 1st December to 30th June the following year. Fish entered into this competition are to be speared in NSW waters but not necessarily competitions. The ten species eligible are 1. Kingfish (any) 2. Rock Blackfish 3. Bream 4. Flathead (any) 5. Bonito 6. Salmon 7. Luderick 8. Morwong (any) 9. Leatherjacket (any) 10. Any species. The heaviest of each of the 10 species receives 10 points, second heaviest 9 points, etc. Only 2 weigh-ins per species allowed and there is a time limit of one month for registration of fish. Details of the competition can be found on the club's Facebook page. Awards and cash prizes are made in senior and junior categories.

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