Neptunes Challenge


The Neptunes Challenge is a "selective" spearfishing competition. This is a great concept as it will allow all Neptune's to compete whilst engaging in either a social environment or in any state wide competition.

The aim of this 'stand alone' competition is to promote involvement of all Neptune members even if they don't compete in regular club competitions.

The basic idea is for each diver to attempt to spear fish for entry into ten separate categories over a seven month period, from 1st December until 30th June. Points will be awarded based on weight (see rules). The ten categories targeted can be readily speared in NSW waters. Nine of categories include Bonito, Bream, Flathead (any), Kingfish (any), Leather Jacket (any), Luderick, Morwong , Rock Blackfish and Salmon.

The tenth category is the Open Largest Fish which will include any fish listed on the Newcastle Neptunes Club Scoresheet (Only one entry into any eligible category per fish.)

Each competitor can only present two entries per category over the seven month period, so it is a game of strategy.

Prizes total $1000!

Entrants who are under 18 years* of age or female will also be eligible for the Neptunes Challenge Cup.

Members can watch the progress of the Neptunes Challenge on the Facebook group.

Rules and Conditions

  • Entry is free, but competitors must be current financial members of the Newcastle Neptunes
  • Competition is from the 1/12/20XX to the 30/6/20XX.
  • The ten eligible categories and the minimum weights are:
    Species include
    • Bonito, Bream, Flathead (any), Leather Jacket (any), Luderick, Morwong (any), Salmon - 500 grams
    • Kingfish (any) - 2500 grams
    • Rock Blackfish - 1000 grams
    • Open Largest Fish - refer Newcastle Neptunes scoresheet
  • Fish are to be taken from New South Wales waters only, observing all relevant NSW Fisheries Laws whilst freediving.
  • Heaviest fish of each of the ten categories receives ten points, second heaviest nine and so on (Maximum possible points-100). Only two weigh-ins per category allowed.
  • Fish entered with equal weights will be awarded the same points, the next fish will be awarded one point less.
  • In the event of a tie at the conclusion of the competition, a 'count back' will apply. The competitor with the most 10 point fish will rank above the other competitors with equal points. If no 10 point fish are available or these are equal, then 9 point fish will apply and so on.

The weigh-in of the fresh catch and the subsequent application for consideration must follow the following procedure:

  1. Fish speared in any competition - A copy of the score sheet is sufficient and it should be posted or emailed to the Challenge organizer (details listed below). It is the divers resposibility to enter fish - NOT the sports secretary or challenge organiser.
  2. Fish speared in a social event - A digital photo or video of the whole fish on the scales with capture date and weight clearly visible. Entries must be submitted to via private message or

NOTE: All applications must be received within 4 weeks of capture.(late applications will not be accepted). Applications received after 30th June will not be accepted.

The challenge organizer reserves the right to reject any application without reason.